Greater Faith Ministries

Connecting to God is done through the work of ministry. It is the means through which we live out our calling as the Body of Christ in the world. At Greater Faith Ministries, we seek to encourage and strengthen fellow believers while also reaching out to those who have yet to believe. We do this so all can experience the love, provision, and reality of God in their everyday lives.


Greeters Ministry

The Greeters Ministry is devoted to making members and visitors alike feel welcome as they enter the sanctuary.

Ushers Ministry

The Ushers Ministry serves the congregation prior to, during and after church services. They are responsible for maintaining an orderly flow during each service.

Hospitality Ministry

The goal of this ministry is to assist the Pastor and/or pulpit guest during services.

Pastoral Care/Armor Bearers

The goal of this ministry is to meet the close personal needs of Cheif Apostle and Dr. Williams.

Security Ministry

The Men on Post provide security to our Pastors, guest speakers, and the congregation as a whole. Not only do they ensure the safety of everyone within the church building, but also ensure the safety of the grounds and assist with parking.

Intercessory Prayer Ministries

The Intercessory Prayer Ministry consists of individuals who are called and committed to a life of prayer. The Intercessors stand in the gap for our Pastors, the vision of the house, the body of Christ and all relevant issues in the community and the world. They pray before service, invoking the glory of the Lord to bring forth signs, wonders and miracles.

Music Ministry

Praise & Worship Choir
The mission of this ministry is to glorify and uplift GOD, to minister healing, restoration, deliverance, and salvation through song and music.

Deacons Ministry

The mission of the deacons is to be servants to the congregation, and our pastoral staff by alleviating the pastoral staff of congregational demands, allowing the pastors to focus on the study of God’s Word, and the spiritual development of the body of Christ. Click to Contact The Cell Group Deacons

Media Ministry

The Media Ministry is responsible for the audio taping of every worship service, and the sale of audiotapes after each service.


Brother-to-Brother Ministry

Brother-to-Brother Ministry is to teach, train and equip men, and boys to lead a Christian Life.

One Heart One Beat Ministry

The mission of this Singles Ministry is to help promote, sustain, and increase spiritual growth among singles through Bible study, prayer meeting and other gatherings. It is open to all single persons between the ages of 18 – 54.

Marriage Ministry

The mission of the ministry is to help married couples cultivate Christ center marriages through Biblical and practical life applications. All married couples are invited to participate in this ministry as it provides counseling, activities and support.

Women Ministry

Our Women’s Ministry provides a means of support, positive association and strength, both emotionally and spiritually. All Women of Greater Faith are invited to be a part of this ministry. Please check our calendar for scheduled events.


Evangelism Ministry

The mission of this ministry is to reach out to the unsaved through street meetings, tent revivals and other functions that will promote salvation.

Angel Wings Ministry

The mission of this ministry is to help supplement nutritional needs of families in the community.

Transportation Ministry

The transportation ministry exists to assist with the needs to commuting people to and from the church. If you are in need of transportation to GFM, please contact the church at (803) 259-0405.


New Members Orientation Classes

The New Members Orientation Classes is responsible for embracing our new members to provide biblical education and training.

Sunday School

It is our mission:
To glorify God through a lifestyle of WORSHIP,
To know Christ intimately through DISCIPLESHIP,
To live changed lives so that we might help others effectively through SERVICE,
To strive to make sure that believers see their place in the body of Christ through FELLOWSHIP

Health and Wellness

The Health and Wellness educates, monitors and promotes a healthy lifestyle.


Youth Ministry

The GFM Youth department desire is to draw young people to Jesus Christ by helping them to experience God love , forgiveness, healing and saving power through biblical and practical teachings, down to earth appliations and life changing experinces.

Watch Out World (WOW) Ministry
The Watch Out World (WOW) Ministry is for all children between the ages of 2-12, every 1st Sunday.

Blessed Empowered Teens (BET) Ministry
The Blessed Empowered Teens (BET) Ministry is for all youth ages 13-17, every 3rd Sunday.

Other Ministries

Culinary Arts Ministry

The Health and Wellness educates, monitors and promotes a healthy lifestyle.

Pastoral Celebration Ministry

The goal of this ministry is to be a blessing and show appreciation to our Pastors and their family. Our Pastors give so freely of their time, provide leadership, spiritual guidance, prayers,love, and support during the year to each of us; and this is a small way of giving back to them.