Chief Apostle Belton Williams

Chief Apostle Belton and Dr. Jennifer Williams are the Senior Pastors of Greater Faith Ministries in Barnwell, South Carolina.

Chief Apostle Williams has attended many seminars. In August 2009, he was ordained as Chief Apostle and received his Honorary Doctorate Degree in Theology. Through his continued faithfulness to God and the mandate that God has placed on his life, Chief Apostle has helped to change the lives of people through servitude in various communities. In December 2010, God granted him favor to preach in Nigeria, where God sealed his international anointing.

Chief Apostle Belton Williams is a devoted husband and father to his family. He is married to the beautiful and anointed woman of God, Dr. Jennifer (Doe) Williams and they have three wonderful children: Meloni, Phillip and Candace.

Together, Chief Apostle and Dr. Williams have brought a spiritual awakening to the surrounding areas of Barnwell County. This anointed team, because of their obedience to God and their deep desire to serve the community and help people as a whole…they have helped transformed the mindset of the community. In addition, because of their passion for outreach, many ministries have been established under the skillful leadership and tutelage of this dynamite dual and they have become mentors to many sons and daughters in the gospel.

This awesome and anointed team has made a positive, life changing impact on every individual they have come in contact. We know with the continued power, anointing and mandate, God has placed on their lives; greater things are yet to come!

“Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man the things GOD hath prepared for them that love Him.”